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Community Garden

Montcrest School’s Community Garden, located in the backyard of 664 Broadview, was established to provide a space for outdoor teaching and learning, a place to celebrate nature, and a place for quiet contemplation. 

Thanks to a dedicated group of volunteer expert and amateur gardeners the Montcrest Community Garden has thrived! It is used regularly by classes, the Garden Club and the Outdoor Cooking Club.

Garden Design: The garden is separated into three areas:

  1. The space closest to the house and garage provides the best location for planting and growing. In 2011 a fence and gate were erected and six raised beds were built. In addition to these growing places, there are whiskey barrels throughout, and beds along the fence. This is the part of the garden designed for curriculum use and for the use of the Montcrest gardening club.
  2. The centre of the garden. This area has been left in a natural state. The objective of this part of the garden is to continue to grow native species as an example of native woodland. Further suggestions for this space may include a meditation labyrinth and butterfly habitat.
  3. The back of the garden at the top of the ravine. The objective of this part of the garden is to provide a teaching space or a space for quiet reflection.

If you are interested in volunteering to help care for the garden, please email Ben Blakey -


Mr. Thompson officially opened Montcrest's Community Garden Forest Path in May 2014.  

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