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Letter from the Chair of the Board

As Chair of Montcrest’s Board of Governors, I am extremely excited to be involved during these dynamic times of innovation and advancement at the school.

I believe the board of an independent school has three primary mandates: First and foremost, we protect the mission and values of the school – the core things that make Montcrest what it is, a truly unique learning environment for our children to grow and help prosper in the future. Second, we ensure that there is good financial governance in place. This oversight helps create a platform for the Head of School and the team to run the day to day operations of the school, with laser focus on our children. And finally, we appoint and oversee the head of school. We are very fortunate to have someone of Erin Corbett's calibre running our school.

The Board fully appreciates our past and the importance of protecting what has made Montcrest so special. This includes recognizing that the physical assets we take for granted today – Danson House, the houses on Broadview, the playgrounds - were thoughtfully purchased, built, and cared for by past generations of parents and staff. Now, it is our turn to contribute to the improvement of Montcrest’s campus so we can better serve our students.

The Building Together Project has truly transformed our learning and teaching spaces, with exponential benefits to our children, staff and faculty. This thoughtful plan was in the making for over 5 years and the final result is a transformative project. 

We are also admitting a record number of students. The school has become exceptional at helping children discover and acknowledge their unique voices, in part because of our small class sizes, which we remain unwaveringly committed to. We know, through the successes of our graduates, how well Montcrest’s student-centred learning approach is working. Montcrest students are well-prepared for high school and beyond.

I want to end with a brief thought on the uniqueness of Montcrest. When we ask parents, teachers, even our graduates what they think makes our school unique, the word that always comes up is “Community”. This is not the case at other schools - our Community is without question truly unique. Whether it is an academic or athletic competition (or even a class party for parents!), this sense of community is clearly apparent. People just care. I think we are all fortunate to be involved at Montcrest.

I hope you and your children have a terrific year. I am very excited for what the future will bring to Montcrest.

Don Durno

Chair of Montcrest School's Board of Governors

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