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Cocurricular Activities - Clubs & Teams

At Montcrest, our cocurricular program is designed to help students discover, develop, and thrive in athletics, the arts, leadership, and special interest areas. Our students explore their interests, embrace new challenges and risks, and learn resilience in equal measure.

Our balanced approach to cocurriculars encourages students to get involved in school life. It also recognizes that students need time to attend to their academics as well as time to practise and build relationships during social times like recess.

Students are encouraged to participate in the cocurriculars of their choice during any or all of our three terms. Participation is voluntary and based on each student’s interests and comfort level. The Director of Performing Arts & Cocurriculars and the Director of Athletics work collaboratively with students, homeroom teachers, and teachers offering cocurriculars to help each student identify new or existing areas of interest, and make a plan that best suits them. Parents are also invited to encourage their children to become involved in cocurriculars throughout the year.


Our cocurriculars are divided into four categories: 1) Commitment Clubs, 2) Flexible Clubs, 3) Drop-in Clubs and 4) Specialty Programs (fee required).

→ View our Cocurricular offerings for the Spring Term 2019

Have a mandatory attendance component, usually meet more than once a week, and work towards a performance, competition, publication, event, or other visible goal.
Examples: Athletic teams, Montcrest Singers, Montcrest Players, Yearbook Club, Scratch Programming, Outdoor Cooking Club, Kids’ Lit Quiz etc.


Have some attendance component but can be flexible, usually meet once a week, or meet periodically.
Examples: Jazz Club, Writing Club, Caribou Math, Senior Book Club, Cardboard Prop Construction Club, Forest of Reading Book Clubs, Costume, Hair, and Makeup Clubs for shows.


Students may drop-in as they wish, no attendance component, meet once a week or periodically.
Examples: Skipping Club, Garden Drop-in, Riverdale Scout Expeditions, Art Studio Drop-in etc.

4) SPECIALTY PROGRAMS (fee required)

Specialty Programs are fun, interesting, and interactive programs that are run and operated by outside experts. These take place at recess times during the school day. Information and pricing are shared in the Montcrest Mirror as well as on our website and the ParentPortal.
Examples: Private Music Lessons (drum, piano, guitar, and brass), Hip Hop, Action Potential etc.

Athletic Teams

Our athletic program at Montcrest fosters a sense of cooperation, development, competition, inclusion, and school spirit.

Montcrest teams are coached by our staff who have a passion for sport. We also bring in professional outside instructors to prepare our players for the upcoming season of team sports. Throughout the year, we continue to bring in outside professionals to develop our players as well as provide professional development for our coaches.

→ View our athletic offerings for the 2018-19 school year by grade.

We offer our students three levels of opportunity to participate in our athletic program: 


The intramural program is open to all Grade 1-8 students and is meant to be a fun, competitive, skill-building, and cooperative opportunity that builds student relationships and school spirit. The activities offered will often coincide with the competitive and development teams that are occurring during that term.


Our Montcrest athletic development program allows any student to participate and be part of a school team. Development teams focus on skill development, team play, sportsmanship, and fun. Students on a development team will have the opportunity to represent Montcrest in competitive team matches against other Conference of Independent Schools’ Athletic Association (CISAA) schools whenever possible.


Montcrest teams compete in a variety of sports against other independent schools within the CISAA. Our competitive teams require a high level of commitment from our athletes. The amount of playing time a player receives will depend on the player’s skill, attitude, game experience, and the status of the game (league, exhibition, or playoff). Team practices take place two or three times weekly; some starting as early as 7:00 a.m. Students must learn to manage their time carefully, remembering that academics always come first. It is the expectation that if your child commits to a school team, that they attend all practices, games, and final tournaments.

Students who do not participate in our competitive team program will have an opportunity to participate in our development and/or intramural program.



After school programs include workshops and activities for students. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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