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Faculty & Staff

Our highly qualified, experienced, and passionate faculty support and nurture each child, preparing students for academic and social success. This community of teachers models integrity, curiosity, responsibility, and creativity, as well as respect for the individual and their unique needs. Focusing on our goal of helping each child discover, develop, and thrive in the classroom and beyond, our exceptional teachers are committed to best practices of progressive and specialized teaching methods.

Please use the directory below to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Montcrest


Montcrest School
4 Montcrest Blvd.
Toronto, ON    M4K 1J7

Tel. 416-469-2008
Fax. 416-469-0934

General Email


  • David Thompson, Head of School x244 email
  • Jeff Borsten, Assistant Head, Student Life  x276 email
  • Nicole Davies, Assistant Head, Teaching and Learning  x259 email
  • Eugene Calvez, Director of Technology  x290 email
  • Michael Dilworth, Director of Advancement  x224 email
  • Natalie Hollinshead, Director of Admissions  x230 email
  • Dawn Waisberg, Director of Finance x222 email
  • Heather Anderson, Accounting Coordinator  x221 email
  • Michèle Andrews, Organizational Development & People Practices  x295 email
  • Daniela Aptowitzer, Social Worker  x264 email
  • Matthew Barry, Curriculum Coordinator  x279-5 email
  • Arlette Bax, Advancement & Community Relations  x300 email
  • Geneva Dalley, Advancement & Community Relations  x299 email
  • Mary Gray, Director of Alumni  - On Leave
  • Elana Kerbel, Learning Support Coordinator  x298 email
  • Allison Morley, Administrative Assistant  x237 email
  • Barb Moore, Administrative Assistant  x232 email
  • Grant Nix, Director of Athletics  x243 email
  • Dana Rostowsky, Assistant Director of Admissions  x288 email
  • Lisa Swarbrick, Director of Performing Arts & Cocurriculars  x294 email
  • Maggie Zegas-Tepper, Assistant to the Head of School  x283 email

Primary - JK to Grade 3

  • Laurie Arseneau, Grade 3  x257 email
  • Mara Berzins, Junior Kindergarten/Division Leader  x238 email
  • Ajla Bilajbegovic, Senior Kindergarten  x239 email
  • Sharon Charbonneau, Visual Arts  x231 email
  • Krista Cobham, Grade 2  x256 email
  • Christine Dewhurst, Grade 2  x253 email
  • Kerry-Ann Grant, Drama & Physical Education  x261 email
  • Catherine Ionno-Dias, Visual Arts  - On Leave
  • Diane Kingstone, Senior Kindergarten  x239 email
  • Carol Macfarlane, Music  x275 email
  • Hannah Nitefor, Senior Kindergarten  - On Leave
  • Chelsea O'Brien, French  x233 email
  • Carley Page, Junior Kindergarten  x238 email
  • Nick Spence, Physical Education  x412 email
  • Tina Tammsalu, Grade 3  x254 email
  • Jennifer Vincent, Music  x242 email
  • Emily Woolner, Grade 1  x234  email

Junior - Grades 4 & 5

  • Jane Calway - On Leave
  • Sharon Charbonneau  x231 email
  • Dara Gellman, Visual Arts  x231 email
  • Kerry Hooton, French  x235 email
  • Chelsea Jensen, Grade 4  x271 email
  • Carol Macfarlane, Music x275 email
  • Miriam John, Grade 4  x296 email
  • Silvia Pauksens, Grade 5  x252 email
  • Megan Smith, Grade 5  x250 email
  • Nick Spence, Physical Education  x412 email
  • Emma Stewart, French  x249 email
  • Karen Tanod, Grade 4  x265 email
  • Gordon Trites, Drama  x269 email
  • David Wichman, Grade 5  x255 email

Senior - Grade 6 - 8

  • Dan Bailey, Grade 8, Social Studies & Science x245 email
  • Wendy Bain, Mathematics  x279-3 email
  • Jennifer Bairos, Grade 8 & French  x280 email
  • Yvonne Boyd, Science  x278 email
  • Dawn Cohen, Grade 8, Math & Division Leader  x286 email
  • Ryan Coutts, Social Studies  x279 email
  • Nicola Daykin, Grade 6  x282 email
  • Dara Gellman, Visual Arts  x231 email
  • Dani Klein, Grade 7 & 8 English  x258 email
  • Blair Livingstone, Grade 6  x248 email
  • Carol Macfarlane, Music  x275 email
  • Grant Nix, Physical Education  x243 email
  • Mufridah Nolan, Grade 7 & English  x228 email
  • Joey Redican, Grade 7 & 8 Math  x279-1 email
  • Tricia Smith, Grade 7 & English  x260 email
  • Nick Spence, Physical Education  x412 email
  • Emma Stewart, French  x249 email
  • Lisa Swarbrick, Drama  x294 email
  • Gordon Trites, Drama  x269 email
  • Jennifer Vincent, Grade 7 & Music  x242 email
  • Katie Willis, Grade 6  x251 email

Learning Support Centre

  • Ruthanne Corman  x279-2 email
  • Stephanie Curtis  x289 email
  • Beth Histed  x281 email
  • Sue Lincoln - On Leave
  • Jackie MacPherson  x293 email

Learning Commons / Library

  • Sacha Neesham, Teacher Librarian  x262 email
  • Katie MacDonald, Technology & Maker Space Coordinator  x279-4 email

Coverage Coordinator

  • Barbara Moore x232 email

IT Department

  • Eugene Calvez, Director of Technology  x290 email
  • Krishna Sukhai, Network Manager  x229 email


  • Greg Reynolds, Director of Facilities  x287 email
  • Darcy Doone x272 email
  • Shannon McEwen  x272 email
  • Robbie Patterson  x272 email


  • Johanna Weinstein, Aftercare Coordinator email
  • After School Program Coordinator  email
  • Jay Prichard  email

Outdoor Education

  • Ben Blakey, Teacher/Researcher  x290 email 


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