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Faculty & Staff

Please use the directory below to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Montcrest School
4 Montcrest Blvd.
Toronto, ON    M4K 1J7

Tel. 416-469-2008
Fax. 416-469-0934

General Email


  • David Thompson, Head of School x244 email
  • Jeff Borsten, Assistant Head, Student Life  x276 email
  • Nicole Davies, Assistant Head, Teaching and Learning  x259 email
  • Michael Dilworth, Director of Advancement  x224 email
  • Natalie Hollinshead, Director of Admissions  x230 email
  • Dawn Waisberg, Director of Finance x222 email
  • Heather Anderson, Accounting Coordinator  x221 email
  • Michèle Andrews, Organizational Development & People Practices  x295 email
  • Daniela Aptowitzer, Social Worker  x264 email
  • Matthew Barry, Curriculum Coordinator  x279-5 email
  • Arlette Bax, Advancement & Community Relations  x300 email
  • Laura Bazilewich, Administrative Assistant  x237 email
  • Geneva Dalley, Advancement & Community Relations  x299 email
  • Mary Gray, Director of Alumni  x273 email
  • Elana Kerbel, Learning Support Coordinator  x298 email
  • Barb Moore, Administrative Assistant  x232 email
  • Grant Nix, Director of Athletics  x243 email
  • Dana Rostowsky, Assistant Director of Admissions  x288 email
  • Lisa Swarbrick, Director of Performing Arts & Cocurriculars  x294 email
  • Maggie Zegas-Tepper, Assistant to the Head of School  x283 email

Primary - JK to Grade 3

  • Laurie Arseneau, Grade 3  x257 email
  • Mara Berzins, Junior Kindergarten/Division Leader  x238 email
  • Sharon Charbonneau, Visual Arts  x231 email
  • Krista Cobham, Grade 2  x256 email
  • Christine Dewhurst, Grade 2  x253 email
  • Kerry-Ann Grant, Drama & Physical Education  x261 email
  • Catherine Ionno-Dias, Visual Arts  - On Leave
  • Diane Kingstone, Senior Kindergarten  x239 email
  • Carol Macfarlane, Music  x275 email
  • Hannah Nitefor, Senior Kindergarten  x239 email
  • Chelsea O'Brien, French  x233 email
  • Carley Page, Junior Kindergarten  x238 email
  • Nick Spence, Physical Education  x412 email
  • Tina Tammsalu, Grade 3  x254 email
  • Jennifer Vincent, Music  x242 email
  • Emily Woolner, Grade 1  x234  email

Junior - Grades 4 & 5

  • Jane Calway - On Leave
  • Sharon Charbonneau  x231 email
  • Dara Gellman, Visual Arts  x231 email
  • Kerry Hooton, French  x235 email
  • Chelsea Jensen, Grade 4  x271 email
  • Carol Macfarlane, Music x275 email
  • Miriam John, Grade 4  x296 email
  • Silvia Pauksens, Grade 5  x252 email
  • Megan Smith, Grade 5  x250 email
  • Nick Spence, Physical Education  x412 email
  • Emma Stewart, French  x249 email
  • Karen Tanod, Grade 4  x265 email
  • Gordon Trites, Drama  x269 email
  • David Wichman, Grade 5  x255 email

Senior - Grade 6 - 8

  • Dan Bailey, Grade 8, Social Studies & Science x245 email
  • Wendy Bain, Mathematics  x279-3 email
  • Jennifer Bairos, Grade 8 & French  x280 email
  • Yvonne Boyd, Science  x278 email
  • Dawn Cohen, Grade 8, Math & Division Leader  x286 email
  • Ryan Coutts, Social Studies  x279 email
  • Nicola Daykin, Grade 6  x282 email
  • Dara Gellman, Visual Arts  x231 email
  • Dani Klein, Grade 7 & 8 English  x258 email
  • Blair Livingstone, Grade 6  x248 email
  • Carol Macfarlane, Music  x275 email
  • Grant Nix, Physical Education  x243 email
  • Mufridah Nolan, Grade 7 & English  x228 email
  • Joey Redican, Grade 7 & 8 Math  x279-1 email
  • Tricia Smith, Grade 7 & English  x260 email
  • Nick Spence, Physical Education  x412 email
  • Emma Stewart, French  x249 email
  • Lisa Swarbrick, Drama  x294 email
  • Gordon Trites, Drama  x269 email
  • Jennifer Vincent, Grade 7 & Music  x242 email
  • Katie Willis, Grade 6  x251 email

Learning Support Centre

  • Ruthanne Corman  x279-2 email
  • Stephanie Curtis  x289 email
  • Beth Histed  x281 email
  • Sue Lincoln - On Leave
  • Jackie MacPherson  x293 email

Learning Commons / Library

  • Sacha Neesham, Teacher Librarian  x262 email
  • Katie MacDonald, Technology & Maker Space Coordinator  x279-4 email

Coverage Coordinator

  • Barbara Moore x232 email

IT Department

  • Krishna Sukhai, Network Manager  x229 email
  • Juan Garcia, Help Desk Technician x247 email


  • Greg Reynolds, Director of Facilities  x287 email
  • Darcy Doone x272 email
  • Shannon McEwen  x272 email


  • Johanna Weinstein, Aftercare Coordinator email
  • Rebecca Madarasz, After School Program Coordinator  email
  • Jay Prichard  email

Outdoor Education

  • Ben Blakey, Teacher/Researcher  x290 email 


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