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Building Together

Montcrest School has commenced its largest ever building project to transform our learning and teaching spaces.

The approximately $12 million project will construct a new facility that connects 650 Broadview Ave., the senior building, with 658 Broadview Ave. while maintaining the integrity of the two historical houses. The new structure will provide tremendous benefits for our students, faculty and staff.

This thoughtful plan has been in the making for five years. Montcrest’s leadership team and Board have worked with city planners, architects, project managers and a construction team to carefully create the best plan for our future. The final result is a transformative project that maximizes safety measures and creates minimal disruption, as our students remain our top priority.

Here are a few highlights:

Larger, renovated classrooms - click to learn more

The new building, as well as the renovated 650 Broadview Ave. and 658 Broadview Ave. will feature larger, renovated classroom spaces of 630 sq. ft. that serve the current and future needs of our students and teachers. The classrooms are specially designed to support enhanced differentiated learning and 21st century teaching methods. For example, as shown below, all four walls in the classroom are teaching walls which can be written and drawn on. These flexible learning spaces will allow Montcrest to continue to provide innovative education for many years to come.  

Enhanced opportunities for students to connect and collaborate - click to learn more

All Grade 6, 7 and 8 homerooms, large and small, will be housed in one building after the new project to better allow students to learn and socialize together with their peers. Students and teachers will also have more opportunities for collaboration and interdisciplinary projects as all senior subjects, with the exceptions of Drama and Gym, will be taught within the new facility.

The Building Together project will also provide new opportunities within Danson House for our small class students in Grades 4 and 5 to join their peers in a physical space. 

Social and gathering space for all - click to learn more

The new building will also provide much needed gathering spaces for students to socialize and learn, as well as to gather faculty, staff and students together without disrupting the gymnasium schedule. All will benefit from flexible spaces that allow students and teachers to study quietly or to collaborate in small and large teams. 

Brand new Science Lab and iSTEAM facility - click to learn more

The Building Together project will feature a new science lab with updated technology and more space (872 sq. ft.) for students to learn and experiment. The lab will be connected to a designated iSTEAM room (377 sq. ft.) which will facilitate our unique integrated curriculum program for senior students. This provides a total of 1, 250 sq. ft. for science education! This new space will allow students greater opportunities for hands-on learning and practical collaboration.

New, larger Art Room with natural light - click to learn more

The new building will include a larger Art Room (904 sq. ft.) with big, bright windows providing natural light while students learn and create. The studio-style room will sit between the brick walls of 650 and 658 Broadview Ave. and offer views of nature including the new Learning Garden.

New, larger Music Room - click to learn more

The project will feature a new, larger Music Room of 1,012 sq. ft., providing enough space to combine all instrumental sections together for rehearsals. The new space will be specially designed to provide optimal acoustics and bright, natural light.  


New Learning Garden - click to learn more

The Building Together project will also create a Learning Garden nestled between 650 and 658 Broadview Ave. The Learning Garden will provide another engaging, hands-on opportunity to enhance our outdoor education programs. The garden will host a variety of species native to the Riverdale area including plants, shrubs, and trees.

Join us in Building Together.

Any questions about the project can be emailed to

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