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Denise Pope, Senior Lecturer, Stanford University:

My visit to Montcrest began with a student-led tour. When I asked about the student’s favorite thing about the school, my tour guide replied: “That is such a hard question because I love so many things about Montcrest!” I have to agree. The school provides a caring and nurturing environment that seeks to meet the needs of each individual learner. The teachers bring learning to life with exciting and challenging projects, discussions, dramatic performances, and so much more. We know from research that this kind of personalized, vibrant, and engaging learning community offers a strong foundation for success in high school and beyond.

Montcrest Parent:

They feel cared for; they are challenged academically; they are supported when working through challenging social situations; they have opportunities and they are encouraged to engage in a variety of different co-curricular activities; makes for a rich experience. Montcrest is the perfect fit for our son for these reasons.

Montcrest Parent:

We cannot begin to tell you how happy we have been at Montcrest. We switched our son to Montcrest after seeing that he wasn't being himself in such a large class at his old school. We've watched him flourish in a smaller class setting and with the help of his amazing teacher, Ms. Cobham and attention from teachers who know him by name. He's gotten up in class plays, and made amazing friends - something we didn't see happening in other environments. 

Montcrest Parent:

Starting our son at Montcrest this year in JK was the best decision we have ever made. It has exceeded our expectations on all levels. Most notably Ms Bee and Miss Karen are truly the most amazing people and we feel so fortunate to have our son taught and loved by them everyday.

A Visiting Educational Consultant:

So fantastic to tour Montcrest, I was truly "blown" away. Montcrest is very impressive on many fronts, and I left wishing I was either back at school or wishing my children went to school there! 

Montcrest Parent:

I am very pleased with the overall philosophy the guides the teaching (and discipline) at the school. It is thoughtful and inclusive. I feel that my children are getting a superior education and receive the emotional support and encouragement that is helping them to grow into good citizens of the school and the world.

Montcrest Parent:

Montcrest has created a safe environment for my daughter to learn to take risks and get involved in different and new activities. When she started at the school she was shy and wouldn't speak or participate in class. Now she has joined every club and actively participates and shares her views in class

Montcrest Parent:

Montcrest continues to exceed my expectations of what a school could be. My kids are given every opportunity to explore who they are and what excites them.

Excerpt from a Grade 8 student’s application to high school:

I enjoy many things about Montcrest. Primarily, I love the fact that it is smaller compared to most independent schools. For me, it creates a greater sense of community which is important because it allows me to create a stronger bond between my teachers and peers. The teachers at Montcrest are spectacular. I feel that they genuinely want me to thrive, which encourages me to try my best because I know someone believes in me and supports me.

Montcrest Parent:

We wanted to express our deepest gratitude to all of the dedicated, brilliant and inspiring staff at Montcrest for welcoming our family with open arms into your amazing community. Montcrest has been everything we hoped it would be and so very much more.  

Montcrest is truly a special and unique school. We truly feel that our child has received the most comprehensive education in these last few months; from the engaging and challenging academics, to the inclusive and exciting sports teams and the meaningful and enriching co-curriculars. Every aspect and detail of school life has been rich with substance and experience.

Montcrest Parent:

My son is a new student this year, and I wanted to let you know he feels loved and safe in his new environment. When getting ready for school, he said, "I'm sooooooo excited."  We asked what he was excited for, and he smiled and said, "I get to go to school today!" This brought tears to our eyes knowing that he was truly in the right place.

Montcrest Parent:

Your unique ability to honour each child's individuality and challenging them to realize their full potential is amazing.

Montcrest Parent:

We have really enjoyed our first year at Montcrest. The feeling of community that we saw on our initial tour of the school is steady throughout the year.

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