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Named Awards at Montcrest

Named Awards at Montcrest honour important contributors to our school!

The MARK HINCHCLIFFE CITIZENSHIP AWARD is named after a longstanding member and past chair of our Board of Governors. This award recognizes a Grade 8 student who has made positive contributions to school climate, volunteers readily in a variety of situations, and demonstrates kindness and consideration of others.

The HUGH HERON MONTCREST AWARD is named after a former parent and member of our Board of Governors who was instrumental in the growth of the school. This award recognizes a Grade 8 who demonstrates academic excellence, active participation in co-curriculars and school life, and an overall positive contribution to the life of the school.

THE RENE PANTALONE GOLD HONOUR PIN is named after a past chair of our Board of Governors. Honour Pins recognize those students who make outstanding contributions to our co-curricular program and community service. Each term, honour points are tabulated for each student, and those who have accumulated sufficient points are awarded a Silver Pin or, very rarely, the Rene Pantalone Gold Honour Pin.

THE ELAINE DANSON AIM AWARD is named after a long standing former special education teacher and Principal at Montcrest. This award is presented to a senior school student who has consistently demonstrated outstanding attitude, initiative, and motivation in all areas of the curriculum. 

The SUE MAXWELL PEACEMAKER AWARD is named for a former administrator who was responsible for introducing Peacemakers to Montcrest. It is awarded to individuals demonstrating committed service as Peacemakers.

THE BINDER TROPHY for Excellence in Public Speaking is awarded each year to junior and senior students who excel in oratory at the Speak Out Montcrest exhibition of public speaking. The award is named in honour of the Binder family and their contributions to Montcrest.

THE RISA MASTERS AWARD for outstanding parent volunteerism at Montcrest School is named in honour of Risa Masters, a past Montcrest parent and committed member of the Montcrest Parents’ Association (MPA) for many years.

JENNIFER LEVERE ENGLISH AWARD is named for our former teacher-librarian, who shared her love of words with Montcrest students for 24 years. This award is presented to a student who consistently demonstrates commitment, passion, and an overall depth of understanding in Language Arts.

THE BETTY WHITE ART AWARD is named after a former teacher who shared her passion for art with Montcrest students for over 25 years and founded Kite Day. The award is presented to students who have made outstanding contributions to the school through their demonstration of commitment, passion, process and product in the area of visual arts.

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