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Our Student-Centred Approach

At Montcrest School, the student is at the centre of what we do. We value our students knowing how to find and evaluate information effectively, to understand, to analyze, to apply, and think critically about what they learn. We believe that the role of excellent teachers today is to pose good questions, to guide the learning process, to create inviting learning environments that motivate, engage, and stimulate curiosity, and to support and provide directions through hands-on, minds-on, deep learning experiences. In our student-driven classrooms, we promote and celebrate creativity and innovation, and encourage students to pursue areas of self-interest. Our overall goal is to develop within each student an intrinsically motivated love of learning and a belief in themselves as learners.

A student-centred approach also means fostering a growth mindset. By nurturing a growth mindset in ourselves and our students, we believe that we foster greater gains in all aspects of student achievement. Helping students to understand the neuroscience behind how their brains work and how learning occurs,  they realize that they can improve and grow in anything through practice, effort, resilience, and perseverance. The growth mindset supports students when they struggle and turns mistakes, setbacks, and failures into opportunities for learning and growth. 

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