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Arts & Athletics

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The Arts

Our arts program is an integral part of the Montcrest experience. Through visual, dramatic, and musical forms, as well as dance, students are encouraged to explore, create, perform, and discover what they love. As specialists in their artistic fields, teachers engender an appreciation for the liberal arts, responding to students’ individual interests and levels of development through programs that foster self-awareness, self-expression, and personal growth. 

Visual Arts
At Montcrest, visual arts are integrated into the curriculum and structured to allow for learning and individual expression. The goal is that a child learns to see beyond looking, to make imagination tangible and the tangible imaginative, and to express thoughts, dreams, and ideas.  

From JK through Grade 8, students are involved in various musical opportunities. Children are drawn naturally to the pleasure of making music. Through singing and playing instruments, the avenue of self- expression is explored and learning enhanced. From JK to Grade 5, vocal music is a focus, along with percussion, the recorder, and the ukulele. From Grades 6 to 8, students learn an instrument through their grade band, with added opportunities to join concert band and the auditioned stage and jazz bands. Montcrest Singers, an auditioned choir, rehearses regularly throughout the year, giving children the chance to challenge themselves with even more complex repertoire. The talents and efforts of these ensembles are showcased in winter and spring concerts. They have opportunities to compete in festivals, as well as at the CISMF, biannually. 

Private music lessons are available for students in Grades 1-8 at lunch recess or after school. Lessons are offered through outside professionals in piano, drums, guitar, as well as woodwind and brass instruments.

Theatre Arts
Dramatic arts goes beyond the classroom experience. From JK through Grade 8 students engage in the fundamental skills of process and performance with a focus on communication and critical thinking. Theatre games, role play, movement exercises, literature, historical events, multimedia, scripts, puppets and curriculum themes are used as tools to explore and respond in a variety of dramatic modes.

For lovers of the dramatic, the Young Company (Grades 3-5), and the Montcrest Players (Grades 6-8) are auditioned co-curricular clubs providing students with the opportunity to gradually enhance their performance skills while participating in a theatre company experience. Since 1993, the Montcrest Players have developed, rehearsed, and performed high quality, entertaining productions for our own community, as well as for other schools. Working alongside creative staff and other professionals, students also have production opportunities behind the scenes, building props and sets, costume design, stage management, lighting, and sound.  

Dancing is doing what comes naturally; rhythmic body movement is instinctual, a mode of personal communication. The dance clubs offered at our school by trained teachers teach technique, steps and body positions, and the joy of movement to create an effect. Through the various traditional and contemporary styles and forms offered: ballet, flash mob, jazz, pop rock, and musical theatre, students learn how to convey stories, ideas, and understand how to create an abstract effect the way music does, culminating in an artistic presentation before an audience.


Physical Education
The physical education program is focused on active and healthy living. Students work independently and cooperatively to increase their fitness levels, improve their knowledge and performance skills. Teamwork and team spirit, as well as enjoyment, are major focuses. Physical education classes are held every other day in our spacious gym or outdoors. Highlights of our program include hip hop dance in the fall and rock climbing in the spring. Intramural activities are offered every week for each of the grade divisions. The majority of our students participate in one or more intramural or inter-school teams.

Sports Teams
School teams at Montcrest foster a sense of cooperation and team spirit. Our teams compete in a variety of sports against other independent schools within the Conference of Independent School’s Athletic Association (CISAA). Our teams enjoy great success as may be seen by the number of championship banners on display in our school gymnasium.

Montcrest offers development teams for students in Grades 3 and 4 which focus on skill-building, as well as an intramural program for Grades 1- 8. For a full listing of our current athletic offerings, please visit the Cocurricular Activities page.

Cocurricular Programs

At Montcrest, our cocurricular program is designed to meet students where they are at so that they can discover, develop, and thrive in athletics, the arts, leadership, and special interest areas. We help our students to explore their interests, embrace new challenges and risks, and learn resilience in equal measure. For a complete and up to date list of clubs and teams, please visit the Cocurricular Activities page.


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