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Senior Division (Grades 6 - 8)

In the senior grades, students are provided with a structured and dynamic learning environment that stresses academic achievement, organization, problem solving, and critical thinking skills.

Teachers encourage students to become independent, creative, and enthusiastic learners who are interested in global affairs. Montcrest has a signature iSTEAM program for students in Grades 6 to 8. The program's name reflects the belief that integrative thinking (i) is the entry point for the students' work and the multidisciplinary nature of the school's approach (S is for science, T is for technology, E is for engineering, economics, environment, and/or entrepreneurship, A is for arts, M is for mathematics). 

Through integrated projects, community service initiatives, and leadership roles, our senior students have increased opportunities for responsibility within our community. They become role models of our Standing for Character values and code of conduct for our younger students. The curriculum comprises the following interdisciplinary subject areas: language arts, math, science, French, social studies, vocal music, drama, fine art, physical education, health and information technology.


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