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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information about Athletics?

Please take a look at Arts & Athletics  OR Cocurricular Activities.

Contact Grant Nix, Director of Athletics
416-469-2008 Ext. 243

Where can I find information about Concussions?

Click on the links below for the following resources:

Contact Jeff Borsten, Assistant Head of School Life with any questions.
416-469-2008 Ext. 276

Where can I find help with IT?

Contact Krishna Sukhai, Network Manager                        
416-469-2008 ext. 229

What is on the Safe Food List for nut anaphylaxis?


  • Items that have a “may contain nuts” warning are considered unsafe, even if they appear on this list.
  • Bulk food store goods are considered contaminated and deemed unsafe (even if they appear on this list)
  • Manufacturers often change ingredients, so all SCS constituents are asked to look for warning labels on all products, even if listed below as “safe.”
  • If in doubt, phone the numbers listed or on the products, or consider the item unsafe.
  • All products listed refer to Canadian-made products only. Products made in the U.S. are labeled differently and must be considered unsafe.
  • All Dare, Nabisco and General Mills products are correctly labeled. So, all products without warnings and that do not physically contain any peanut or nut products are safe.

Where is the Lost and Found?

The lost and found bins are located in the basement of Danson House.

The MPA manages this area with a parent volunteer who sorts through the bins and looks for any items that are labeled and reunites them with their owners. All unclaimed items will be donated to charity, discarded, or put in the Tuck Shop for re-sale in the used uniform area.

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