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Building Together Q & A

We hope the questions and answers listed below will be helpful for our community. This page will be updated as the project progresses. Please email additional questions about the Building Together project to

Will my child be safe?

Yes, our students' safety is our primary concern, and we have carefully planned to ensure all aspects of safety throughout the project. Our contractor has a detailed health and safety plan and will be taking additional efforts to secure the construction site with hoarding and fencing. Efforts will be made to control dust, noise, and site dangers. Whenever possible, the most disruptive work will be scheduled outside school hours. Our contractor will be providing a dedicated full time site supervisor whose primary responsibility is maintaining a safe environment for the students, teachers, staff, neighbours, and construction workers.

How long will this project take? 

The project has been carefully planned to minimize disruptions to student learning, and it will be completed over two summers and one school year. Construction preparations began in May 2017 and the project will be completed by the end of 2018.

Will this be disruptive to the learning experience?

No, the school has taken extraordinary steps in planning to ensure our students will experience minimal disruption to their learning. We will continue to work with the project manager and the construction company throughout the process. We have also made careful preparations to keep communication lines open. There will be regular updates and opportunities for community members to ask questions. 

Will drop off and pick up remain the same?

Drop-off and pick-up times will remain the same. Montcrest’s leadership team continues to work carefully with the project manager, architects, and construction firm to ensure our drop-off and pick-up routines can run safely and smoothly. The school will provide extra staff on duty at key times throughout the day. Any changes to our routines will be communicated in a timely manner.

Where will the office be? Will late students have to walk along Broadview? 

The school office will be temporarily re-located to 660 Broadview Avenue (Hubbard House). This will provide students and parents with direct access to the office from Broadview Avenue.  Our JK, SK and Grade 1 students will continue to have access to 4 Montcrest Blvd. (Livingston House).

What will construction hours be?

The majority of the construction work is expected to take place between the hours of 7:00am and 4:00pm, Monday to Friday. On an infrequent basis work may extend into the evening and on weekends. All work will follow the City of Toronto’s noise bylaw. 

Will construction affect traffic?

While areas of construction always have an impact on traffic, we will work diligently to ensure our school and local traffic are able to flow as efficiently as possible. Montcrest has always been proactive in this regard and we will continue to do our best to support parents and students as they come to and from school. In order to provide access to the construction site, we will lose a few street parking spaces on the west side of Broadview. If there are any significant changes to the flow of traffic, families will be notified by email.

How much construction noise will there be? 

While there will be increased activity and noise on campus, the construction schedule has been carefully planned so that the most disruptive activities take place over the summer time.

Will students be in contact with construction workers?

No, there will be no direct contact with workers unless students are supervised by a Montcrest staff member. We hope the students will take interest in the construction project and will have opportunities to learn from the process. 

Will the flow and movement for senior students be affected by the project? Will students have to walk along Broadview?

During Phase1 of the the project (May 2017 to February 2018), the senior students and faculty members will have safe, slightly altered access to their building. The students and faculty will remain on Montcrest property when moving to and from the senior building (650 Broadview Avenue).

Where will French classes take place during construction?

The Cabane will be demolished in Phase 1 of construction. French classes will therefore be taught in each class’ homeroom. The French teacher will come to the students rather than students travelling to the Cabane.

Where will recess take place?

We will continue to use the Montcrest campus and Riverdale Park for recess. While the upper yard will have some sections that will be blocked off for construction, the soccer pitch, quiet area, and the west end of the campus and playground will remain open for students. We will continue to use Riverdale Park and the Community Garden for recess, community events, and outdoor education.

What changes in programming will occur during the renovation? Is gym affected?

Danson House, which contains the gym, will not be affected by the construction. Timetables and classes will continue as usual. 

Will special events like concerts and graduation be affected?

Montcrest has worked with the construction team to ensure special events, such as graduation, will proceed as normal. There will be no construction on those days. 

Will Gr. 4 & 5 small classes take place in the same building as their grade peers?

Grade 4 & 5 small classes will move from 660 Broadview Ave. into Danson House. This will provide greater opportunities for Grade 4 & 5 students to learn and socialize with their grade peers.

Will class sizes change?

Montcrest School is committed to student-centered learning and is dedicated to maintaining our community feeling and small class sizes. The goal of the Building Together project is to enhance the school’s learning and teaching facilities. It is not anticipated that the size of classes will increase.

Will tuition fees be affected?

No. Tuition fees will not be affected by the building project. The board has worked diligently over many years to ensure the school is financially secure and able to embark on this necessary improvement to our campus. 

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