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The Building Together project will occur in several carefully planned phases beginning May 2017 and will be completed by Fall 2018. The thoughtful plan maximizes safety measures and creates minimal disruption, as our students remain our top priority.


The map below shows the Montcrest campus after the project has been completed. 



April 2017

Administration Relocates from 658 to 664 Broadview Ave.

The Head of School, Director of Finance, Director of Advancement, Advancement & Alumni Relations staff, and two administrative staff will move in to the school's rental property at 664 Broadview Ave. during the build. 



May - Mid-June 2017

Construction Preparations 

Construction hoarding goes up around 658 Broadview Ave. and the surrounding area. 



June - December 2017

Demolition of the Cabane, Renovation of 658 Broadview & Construction of New Facility

Once the 2016/17 school year has ended, the administrative building at 658 Broadview Ave. will be renovated and the Cabane will be demolished. A new structure will be built that will encompass 658 Broadview Ave., as well as the area in between 658 and 650 Broadview Ave.



January - August 2018

Grade 7 & 8 Classes Move into New Facility at 658 Broadview
Renovation of 650 Broadview & Construction of New Facility

In January 2018, Grade 7 & 8 classrooms will be moved from the senior building at 650 Broadview Ave. to the newly created space at 658 Broadview Ave. Renovation and construction will then begin on 650 Broadview Ave., which will be connected to the new structure at 658 Broadview Ave.



Fall 2018

Grand Opening of New Building - All Learning Spaces Ready for Use
Renovation of 660 Broadview Ave.

Grade 6 classes will be moved from 660 Broadview Ave. into the new facility to join the other students and staff in the Senior Division. The Instrumental Music and Art classrooms will also relocate to the new facility. Our Grade 4 & 5 small classes will move into Danson House to join their grade peers. When everyone is settled into the new building, renovation will begin on 660 Broadview Ave. to accommodate administrative staff that relocated to 664 Broadview Ave. during the build. 



Fall 2018

Administrative Team Moves into 660 Broadview Ave.

The administrative staff who were temporarily relocated to 664 Broadview Ave. will move into 660 Broadview Ave. The Admissions Office will also be relocating to the new administrative space at 660 Broadview Ave.



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